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WSX Unveils New Brand Identity 🏁

Under the design direction of Thea Jeanes-Cochrane, Cochrane Entertainment has led the Brand design and Marketing Strategy for the WSX Championship and is proud to share the new WSX brand identity live globally. 🔥

“Working closely with Pangaea Creative, together we embarked on a high pace, dynamic branding process, with full immersion in the sport’s competitive history and with its global fanbase at the design’s core” said Thea Jeanes-Cochrane. “Inspired by the past, and driven toward the future under SX Global’s leadership, we believe the hand crafted, bespoke WSX letters and duotone colorways form a timeless, bold motorsport wordmark and capture the sports' exciting new era of global expansion. As the WSX brand story and visual identity evolves, we are excited to share the numerous design elements that will cleverly convey the uniqueness of supercross racing as a form of competitive global motorsport.”


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